”Investing in finding the right people is key”


We believe in working with organisations that make a strategic and deliberate decision that people are their most valuable resource and a success factor in building business value.

Our principle is that investing in people is key for organisational growth and for achieving business goals. We know from experience that diverse and mixed teams is a winning formula in the long-term.

We are dedicated to helping organisations in multiple industries find and attract the top-performing individuals who will be essential on the journey ahead.

Burro Advisors’ Executive Search service is based on extensive experience – not only from Executive Search itself but also from our board work and strategic and operational positions within both larger companies and start-ups. This, alongside our core values, makes us a solid partner for any business.

We work for u!


It is our conviction that valuable synergies are found as people from different industries and backgrounds interact and that diversity in its broadest sense builds innovation.

We add value by using the expertise, network and knowledge of our entire team on every assignment, giving you access to diverse market and business acumen.

We save you valuable time and effort by making sure you only meet highly relevant and diverse candidates.

The value is not only in finding the right person for a specific role. The real value is in finding the person that will add to your team, your culture and your business for many years by using his or her full range of skills, capabilities and personality.

We ensure a smooth transition and facilitate communication by staying on as a speaking partner for you, and as a coach for our candidates, up to a year after a completed assignment.

As a backdrop to individual search and recruitment assignments, we will act as your ambassador in the market to help you build your employer brand. Our ambassadorship does not end when the assignment is complete; we regard every contact as a long-term partnership. Burro Advisors’ approach will always be friendly and honest, even in difficult situations.


Group of business people in the office building lobby.

Every assignment is unique, yet our structured Executive Search process is designed to add business value to any organization at any given time.

Through our extensive network we will go beyond candidates’ resumés to find the all-important nuances that make the selection process more thorough, more humane and more positive.

We actively work within a wide range of industries.

Whether you are seeking a board member, a member of the management team or a specialist, we are happy to discuss your business requirements.

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• Alternative search method – Upon request

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