Corporate Governance is generally associated with meeting legal obligations and complying with defined reporting formats. These statutory requirements have been established to ensure sustained business value (in the form of a going concern) and fair treatment of all shareholders.

But that’s not the whole story.

We believe that there is also great potential for increasing business value through a strategic approach to the Corporate Governance model. This is an opportunity for mature companies as well as younger growth companies.

The Swedish Corporation Act (”ABL”) and the Swedish Corporate Governance Code’s self-regulating guidelines provide the foundation for the Swedish Corporate Governance model for Limited Companies (Aktiebolag). There are four defined ”company bodies” (bolagsorgan) – Owners, Board, CEO and Auditor – which balance each other to ensure and enhance business value. Each of these bodies has defined responsibilities and mandates but the objective for all of them should always be what is best for the company and all shareholders.

In the context of sustaining and increasing business value, Corporate Governance concerns everyone in the company, from owners to the members of the board, the operational team managed by the CEO, and the auditor.

The additional business value potential lies in fully leveraging the integrity and dynamics between these four company bodies. Burro Advisors helps you achieve that.

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The individuals appointed in each company body role are – as always – key!

When each individual understands his or her respective role – with mandates and responsibilities – and how their role fits into the overall corporate governance structure, they can focus on safeguarding and adding business value from their own perspective. Conversely, owners, appointed board members, CEOs and auditors who do not understand and fulfil their duties can put the business value at great risk.

This puts the competence, integrity, cooperation and leadership skills of the individual owners, board members and CEO in the spotlight.

Burro Advisors helps clients to focus on how best to deploy each role and what to expect from other roles in order to safeguard and create business value. We believe we can increase your chances of success significantly, whether it is solving a specific governance problem, aligning the owners, helping your business to prepare for funding, assisting in due diligence processes or optimising your board work.


Our services are rooted in our thorough understanding of corporate governance coupled with longstanding experience of building businesses from all four company perspectives – owners/investors, board, CEO/management and auditor. This gives us a solid and comprehensive foundation for our Advisory work – for u.

Below are some examples of our Corporate Governance Advisory Services, including sample Training modules focusing on themes within corporate governance and Investments. These can be taylormade to fit individual and corporate demand and ambition.

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  • Owner Agenda facilitation
  • Financing rounds – preparation of team and business case
  • Investments/Acquisitions – due diligence (DD) process including team DD
  • Owner training – Corporate governance, investments and co-owner/board dialogue (customized and open)
  • Board Nomination Committee – assistance
  • Board Member recruitment – executive search
  • Board Member recruitment – second opinion


  • Board evaluation process - perform surveys, in dept interviews and analysis
  • Customized Board Member Mentorship – board role
  • Board/CEO /Lead team Training – Corporate Governance, financing rounds and owner dialogue (customized and open programmes)
  • Customized CEO mentorship – Board dialogue

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