Burro Advisors offers a comprehensive analysis of individuals and groups on board, both top and middle management level. It is important that the assessment is formulated from and based on the overall business plan and/or HR strategy. Furthermore, the assessment will be translated into a well-defined job description and candidate profile.   

For example, we use psychometrical and ability tests, in-depth interviews (competence and personal), CV analysis, references and 360 interviews to give our client an as fair, objective and comprehensive decision guidance as possible. This will provide our clients a thorough assessment of a candidate's or group's capacity, personality, talent, skills, motivation and attitude.

The service and delivery must be tailor made for every assignment due to specific terms and conditions. 

Our general process;

Pre-analysis: Understand business challenges, organization and culture. Define a job description and candidate profile. Agree on a process and communication plan.

Assessment: Carry through the process with recommended and agreed tools.

All information will be summarized and quantified in a report which will contain conclusions and recommendations.

Follow-up: After 3,6 and 12 months we do a follow up on the assignment.