To build and develop successful teams and organisations is one of the most challenging and important duties for people in managerial positions. We believe that the process must be prioritised and ongoing. The focus must not only be internal and external but also directed at both the individual and the organisational level. To build a dynamic and successful team you must know your employees’ strengths, weaknesses and personalities. To optimise results and minimise risk in an external recruitment process requires a structured process including tools anchored in scientific research. Burro Advisors’ approach is to work with uncompromising quality and to evaluate every available decision point.

Our consultants’ long managerial and operative experience is crucial in the competence-based evaluation. Our consultants are also certified and experienced in using psychometric and ability tests. In order to offer a complete assessment Burro Advisors works together with carefully selected partners to provide us and our clients with services in tests and background checks.




Burro Advisors offers a comprehensive evaluation of individuals and teams, from board to management teams and specialists. The process and tools are similar whether the team and/or candidate is internal or external. We provide our clients with extensive documentation and professional advice to inform and facilitate the all-important decision.

When it comes to evaluating employees, Burro Advisors supports clients’ business-critical decisions and gives advice on how to develop a team or an individual. Knowing the organisation and its potential is vital for the success of team and individual development, succession planning, career development and recruiting.



Burro Advisors offers a comprehensive analysis of individuals and groups on the board and at both top and middle management level. It is important that the assessment is formulated from, and anchored in, the overall business plan and strategy. This assessment will be translated into a well-defined job description and candidate profile.

We use psychometric and ability tests, in-depth interviews focused on competence and personality, CV analysis, references, 360° interviews and background checks to give our client fair, objective and comprehensive decision guidance. This will enable us to provide our clients with a thorough assessment of a candidate’s or group’s capacity, personality compatibility, talent, skills, motivation and attitude.



Assessment of candidates in the executive search process or assessment of internal candidates for a managerial position.



Assessment of a board or management team.



Identify and evaluate internal candidates for key positions. Advice on individual development in order to fill a future role.



By identifying and mapping successful employees in our client’s organisation, we create a success profile. This will be used in future recruitments as a template for a candidate profile.


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