Define the assignment

Burro Advisors will conduct several meetings with hiring manager, colleagues and key stakeholders to create a thorough understanding of our client’s organisation: its business goals, culture as well as the specific requirements for the appointment. We will use this opportunity to contribute all our experience and knowledge to create the best conditions to succeed and provide our clients with rational advice regarding methods and strategies for the process. When the overall objectives of the assignment are defined and an ideal candidate profile becomes developed, all information will be summarized in an Assignment brief, which will be used to describe the company and the position to sources and potential candidates. Together with our client we also set a project plan, time schedule and common mile stones.


Market Analysis

From the overall definition of the assignment, Burro Advisors outline an operational road map for the assignment and execution. As we define a search area and strategy, including frames for geographical areas, industries and target companies, we set the direction of the search.


Sourcing and Initial contacts

An important and crucial step in an Executive Search process is sourcing. We contact people with extended knowledge about the specific industry and function to get their recommendations of potential candidates for a certain position. This operational subsection is one of the most important differences comparing Executive Search with other methods and to work towards uncompromising quality assurance.

Burro Advisors will in this step identify many potential candidates which we, for each and everyone, have a recommendation. We approach these candidates and initiate a dialogue as we provide them with the Assignment description and get their formal application in return. Candidates who are interested and meet the requirements of the Assignment Brief are brought forward.                                 

Candidate meetings

In an assignment, Burro Advisors will meet with 6-10 candidates for each position. We use a competence based and structured interview technique covering: experience, personality and leadership. Every candidate will be methodically screened, their qualifications examined, past performance verified, motivation and personality assessed and strengths and weaknesses appraised.

Throughout the search process, our client will be kept informed about the progress, findings and market insights. A long list of qualified candidates together with brief profiles is usually presented to our client, and together we establish which candidates are most interesting and fulfil the requirements.  


Burro Advisors present 3-4 final candidates to our client. Before the meeting we provide an extended and detailed Candidate Report with information about the candidate, motivation, current situation and our summary regarding experience and personality. The purpose is to prepare our client and to create the best of conditions for the meeting. After the interview session feedback will be obtained from all parties and interest level on both sides carefully monitored.

Burro Advisors will support both parties in the rest of the process; through more meetings, negotiations and formal contract signing. We contact the final candidates references and return with at written report to our client. As an option, we also offer an even more thorough assessment using psychometrical and ability tests.


Burro Advisors will follow up with both our client and appointed candidate over time, usually after 3, 6 and 12 months. A long term and sustainable solution for both client and candidate are crucial and we will offer preferential guarantees. Burro Advisors will also offer business and payment models which correlate with actual results of the recruitment.